Pharmacy Consult

Before you begin taking your prescription,
talk with the Ryan Pharmacy consultant

At Ryan Pharmacy we want you to have all the knowledge regarding your prescriptions. We have pharmacists’ consultations to give you the correct information about the prescription drug you need. Our pharmacists will guide you through the side effects and effects with other prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs and supplements you might
be taking.

Many prescription drugs have side effects especially those for asthma and diabetes sufferers. Many do not mix well with other drugs or over-the-counter remedies. Our pharmacist will consult with you regarding your prescription and if it is okay to be taking it with any of your current prescriptions and what course of action to take if they do not. The consultations are done to make sure you are safe taking your prescription drugs.

At Ryan Pharmacy in Toledo our drug consultations are free to any Lucas County employee through the Expanded Drug Use Review Program. Through this program any Lucas County Employee using Ryan Pharmacy’s consultation program will be able to acquire 90 day prescriptions through us instead of having to order them through the mail. We also offer free delivery inside Toledo.

At Ryan Pharmacy we have:

  • Private consultation rooms
  • Consultations available Monday through Friday during business hours
  • Available appointments, just call to set one up

Initial consultations with the head pharmacist take from ½ hour up to 1 hour. Follow up consults usually last between 15 and 20 minutes. Ryan Pharmacy will collect all your information during the first consult. The follow up consults are set up to make sure you are receiving the greatest benefit from your prescribed medication and following your doctor’s orders. Call and inquire about the small consulting fee.