Power Scooters

Live life without boundaries with a
Scooter from Ryan Pharmacy in Toledo

We have assembled a large selection of mobility scooters in Toledo for all types of life style requirements and preferences. A mobility scooter is a mobility aid similar to a wheelchair but configured like a motor scooter. It is often referred to as a power-operated vehicle/scooter or electric scooter as well. A scooter is useful for persons without the ability or arm/shoulder flexibility necessary to use a manual wheelchair.

At Ryan Pharmacy & Orthopedic Supply we have a wide selection of Pride Mobility Scooters and also a few Golden Scooters for you to choose from.

The Pride Mobility Scooter offers you:

Outdoor capability

Pride offers users three-wheel and four-wheel options. The four-wheel models are equipped with enhanced suspensions and powerful drive trains

Superb Comfort

Adjustable tillers (steering column) and ergonomic controls with supportive seats will allow you to get the most comfort from one of our scooters


Innovative designs and feather-touch disassembly will allow you to take your Pride Scooter wherever you want to go.

Powered mobility aidPride scooters feature striking designs and various colors that will give you an opportunity to express your personal style. Loaded with standard features – like a front basket, and full lighting and comfortable full seats.
Mobility scooters are now available in a wide range of models, from tiny folding travel scooters to heavy-duty bariatric models. Ask the knowledgeable staff at Ryan Pharmacy & Orthopedic Supply in Toledo, Ohio about our scooters.



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