Ryan Pharmacy in Toledo is your connection for the finest rollators and walkers

Walkers and Rollators are vital aids for people of all ages who need mobility assistance. Ryan Pharmacy & Orthopedic Supply in Toledo has a wide selection of walkers and rollators to choose from.

Mobility assistance equipmentAccording to the standard definition a walker or walking frame is a tool for people who need additional support to maintain balance or stability while walking. Whereas the Rollator or wheeled walker is a walking frame with wheels. Rollatorsare typically more sophisticated than conventional walkers with wheels. They are adjustable in height and are equipped with a seat, hand brakes and sometimes with a basket.

With our aging population reliant more on themselves than other family members, using mobility aids can extend independence and our ability to move around indoors and outside. Both medical walkers and rollators provide support for people to avoid fatigue or need help supporting body weightTraditional walkers need to be lifted while more advanced rollators come with safety features and wheels allowing you to roll freely indoors and outside. Walkers and Rollators come in both 2, 3 and 4-wheel models from companies like Invacare, Guardian, DMI and Drive and typically fold, making them easily transportable in your car.

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