SofCare® Chair Cushion


The SofCare Chair Cushion combines three layers of interlocking air cells to create a comfortably contoured support surface. SofCare elevates the body’s sensitive pressure points off the surface of the chair and redistributes the patient’s weight over the entire surface. The result is a superior combination of support and comfort.

FeaturesSofCare Chair Cushion

  • Unique air-channeling technology redistributes a patient’s weight to reduce tissue interface pressure
  • Protects sensitive bony prominences susceptible to pressure ulcers
  • Preinflated, ready to use
  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight, waterproof and easy to clean
  • Low-profile design fits all chairs
  • Economical


Model Number CC476CE

Inflated Length 18” (47 cm)

Inflated Width 19.625″ (50 cm)

Weight 11.7 oz. (.33 kg)

Weight Capacity 350 lb. (158.8 kg)

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