Polyfoam™ Toe & Combs Cushion


Polyfoam™ Toe Combs can be worn on top of or underneath toes to relieve pressure and friction. They also divide, cushion and protect irritated or crooked toes. Help keep inter-digital space dry to inhibit fungus growth in the treatment of athlete’s foot. Many applications! 12 per pack.

FeaturesPolyfoam Toe and Combs Cushion

  • Relieves Pain from Corns & Irritations
  • Prevents Rubbing, Chafing & Pinching
  • Divides Toes to Complement Athlete’s Foot Treatments
  • Wear on Top or Underneath Toes
  • Use Between All Toes or Scissor Trim to Fit Between 2 or 3 Digits

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