Mucinex DM

DescriptionMucinex DM

Break up mucus and rid your chest of congestion with the Mucinex DM 600 Mg Extended-Release Bi-Layer Cough Suppressant tablets, 20 ct. The best way to get rid of congestion-causing phlegm is to cough it up. This maximum-strength cough suppressant thins and loosens mucus, so you no longer experience chest congestion. These dual-layer tablets work two ways. The first layer works instantly as the extended time-release layer provides cough relief for 12 hours. You can take one tablet in the morning, and one just before bedtime, so you stay free of congestion for as long as you need it.


  • Helps loosen mucus to rid your body of chest congestion
  • Specially formulated in a bi-layer tablet
  • Temporarily relieves cough due to minor throat
  • Quiets wet and dry coughs
  • Works instantly
  • Relief lasts for 12 hours

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