Ferro-Sequels Iron Supplement caplets


Effective, time-released. Gentle to your system. The effective way to treat iron deficiency. Optimal absorption with less gastric upset. Dual action formula! High potency/Easy to swallow. Ferro-Sequels are specially formulated Timed-Release caplets that are easy to swallow. They deliver iron slowly to maximize absorption, and gently to reduce stomach upset. Ferro-Sequels Timed Release caplets dissolve slowly and gently. The caplets are easy to swallow, and they contain low sodium.

FeaturesFerro-Sequels Iron Supplement caplets

  • Dissolve slowly and gently
  • Specially formulated timed-release tablets that are easy to swallowm
  • Deliver iron slowly to maximize absorption
  • Gently to reduce stomach upset
  • Contains low sodium

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