Ezy-Dose Cut N’ Crush Deluxe

DescriptionEzy-Dose Cut N' Crush Deluxe

Pill cutter. You’ll love the convenience of this compact tablet cutter and crusher. The removable tablet cutter has a sharp double-sided stainless steel blade that effortlessly cuts tablets in half for easier swallowing. The new flexible arms with ridges cut larger tablets then other tablet cutters and hold any size tablet steady while it’s being cut. The crusher portion crushes tablets into a fine powder making medication easier to mix with food or beverage. Easily converts to a drinking cup and has a built-in pill container to carry medication or vitamins. If form time-to-time you don’t use the tablet cutter, simply slide it out to reveal the drinking cup. Use the extra cover provided to cap the drinking cup. Note: Enteric-coated tablets are intended to be swallowed whole and should never be split or crushed before taking.

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