Dycem Non-Slip Reel

Never run out of Dycem with our Non-Slip Reels.

DescriptionDycem Non-Slip Reel

Prevent unwanted movement or spillages in a totally flexible way by using a Dycem Non-Slip Reel. Simply cut the section or shape you want and grip anything with ease. The Reels provide unbeatable grip for any item. They fit discreetly under items in the clinic or home, or in your pocket when out on the go.


  • Keep your items secure at home and in the office, as well as in caravans, boats and in laboratories.
  • Flexible and discrete, great for use on the go.
  • Line shelves to hold items firmly in place and prevent breakages.
  • Secure cutlery and tools on dry slippery surfaces such as tables, worktops and dinner trays.
  • Objects have been proven to grip up to a 45 degree angle!
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses, Dycem Non-Slip Reel is a fun way to cater for any non-slip need.

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