Deluxe Connected Weight Scale


Step on this clean, modern scale, and have the results instantly transmitted to your A&D Connect app. It’s that simple! There’s no need to turn it on or remember to turn it off.Deluxe Connected Weight Scale

With large capacity, 0.2lbs resolution, and long battery life, it delivers the accurate results you’d expect from the leader in connected health. And with WellnessConnected, you get connected right out-of-the-box.

Graph, trend, average your results, multiple users and devices. Easy reporting to your doctor or family.


  • UC-352BLE
  • View your reading on the easy to read LCD and the A&D Connect app
  • Connect to your iPhone, iPad or supported Android mobile device via Bluetooth Smart ReadyTM technology
  • Set goals and view your trends with A&D Connect and your WellnessConnected cloud account
  • Internal Memory for up to 90 measurements with time and date stamp
  • Capacity up to 450lbs, 200kg
  • Precision: 0.2lbs, 100g
  • Power your scale for a approximately a year on 4 AAA batteries

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