Deluxe Connected Blood Pressure Monitor


With all the features of more expensive devices, it just takes one touch to get an instant, accurate blood pressure measurement—and to send it to your A&D Connect app, as well.

With important features like 30-measurement memory recall, irregular heartbeat detection, and long battery life, it’s a great way to monitor and track your blood pressure.

And with WellnessConnected, you get connected right out-of-the-box. Graph, trend, average your results, multiple users and devices. Easy reporting to your doctor or family.


  • Clinically tested and validated, so you know your readings are accurate
  • View readings on the easy to read LCD and the A&D Connect mobile app
  • Connect to your iPhone, iPad or supported Android mobile device via Bluetooth SmartTM technology
  • Set goals and view your trends with A&D Connect and your WellnessConnected cloud account
  • SlimFit™ Cuff System w/ Gentle inflation
    • Medium Cuff – 9.0” – 14.6” (23cm – 37cm) – UA-290 (included)
  • Advanced Measurement and Reporting
    • 30 reading internal memory storage with time and date stamp
    • Unlimited reading storage with A&D WellnessConnected cloud account
    • Multiple users via A&D Connect app
    • Risk Factor Indicators including blood pressure classification and Irregular Heartbeat detectionDeluxe Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

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