Curad Antiviral Face Mask



The Curad Antiviral Facemask is the industry’s first and only FDA cleared antiviral facemask. The mask is highly unique compared to all other masks in that it works to inactivate 99.99% of lab tested Influenza A and B viruses within five minutes contact. The mask incorporates trace amounts of t3 powerful yet safe ingredients – citric acid, copper and zinc, all of which are toxic to harmful pathogens and perfectly safe for humans. Citric acid on the outer surface of the mask quickly wicks droplets away from the surface and begins to inactivate active viruses contained in cough and sneeze droplets. As contaminated droplets move through the outer surface, viruses hit the second layer of the mask where they are trapped. Copper and zinc ions embedded in the mask attack and destroy trapped viruses, leaving the mask clear of 99.99% of Influenza A and B viruses.

FeaturesCurad Antiviral Face Mask

  • The face mask incorporates three simple, safe and natural ingredients, citric acid, zinc and copper to inactivate flu viruses
  • The mask’s outer layer has a specially-designed coating made with citric acid
  • Inactivates harmful pathogens, including imminent strains of influenza, such as H1N1, avian flu and swine flu

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