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When you need an orthopedic support, we've got you covered. Ryan Pharmacy & Orthopedic Supply in Toledo carries a full line of back, maternity, lumbar and extremity orthopedic supports to fit your specific medical condition. Our goal is providing orthopedic support products the patient can use at home to prevent injury or aid rehabilitation and self-care.

Take a look at these orthopedic supports you can find at Ryan Pharmacy in Toledo:

  • Ankle Braces - Ankle braces will give your ankle stability if they are weak or injured.  We have braces that are perfect for treating moderate ankle sprains, strains, ankle instability, and ankle pain. 
  • Back Braces - Comfortable, lightweight brace for lower back conditions. Recommended for back strains and sprains, moderate disc conditions, arthritic conditions, sciatica, muscle spasms, chronic unstable lumbar spine and strains of sacroiliac area.
  • Cervical Supports - Medium and firm density foam collars help support cervical spine in neutral position designed for flexed or extended position during
    post-operative rehabilitation; cervical sprains and strains
  • Lumbar spinal supportsElbow Supports - Helps prevent elbow injuries; also used for treatment and rehabilitation of the elbow joint.
  • Knee Supports - Our state-of-the-art knee braces are medical-grade and are not your average sporting goods store brand.
  • Lumbar Supports - The Lumbar support compresses and/or stabilizes the Lumbar Spine by utilizing an anatomically compatible padding and tightening system.
  • Wrist Braces - Effective treatment for supporting the wrist after cast removal, sprained or painful wrists, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, radial nerve palsy, weakened joint after injury, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

At Ryan Pharmacy & Orthopedic Supply we have professional orthopedic fitters on hand to make sure your orthopedic support devices have the proper fit and comfort before you
use them.

We are located at:

3340 Dorr Street
(between Byrne and Secor
by the University of Toledo)

1-800-589-RYAN (7926)
FAX: 419-531-7085

Monday - Friday: 9am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm


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