Dexterity™ NatraCure® Heat Therapy Mittens


NatraCure® Heat Therapy Mittens provide excellent immediate moisturizing therapy, for minor arthritis, stiff joints, inflammations, strains, and repetitive stress hand injuries. Also help increase the range of motion of the hands and fingers. As an added benefit, Gel lining releases a gentle flow of natural hydrating moisturizers to soothe dry or cracked skin. Essential oils including avocado, jojoba and olive, help replenish lost moisture to hands and cuticles. 1 pair.

FeaturesDexterity NatraCure Heat Therapy Mittens

  • Targeted ‘Warming Zones’ Relieve Pain
  • Reduce Arthritis Pain, Joint Stiffness, Swelling
  • Increase Circulation & Range of Motion
  • Microwavable Heat-Activated Flax Seed Pockets
  • Visco-GEL® Lining Soothes & Softens Dry, Cracked Skin

Comfort Aching Hands & Fingers

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