30 Inch Security Bed Rail

Description30 Inch Security Bed Rail

These Single or Double bedrails help keep individuals in bed and reduce the risk of injury from falls. The bedrail easily moves up and down 15″ by depressing 2 snap buttons on the front of the rail to provide easy access for the patient and caregiver. The Safety Bedrails are made of steel and powder coated in off white. The supports that fit between the mattress and box spring have an anti-slip surface. The rails fit up to a full size home bed and are secured by a connector tube. These rails are available in 30″ lengths, single or double sided. All rails are 20″ high. The “arms” that slip between the mattress and box spring are 30″ long.

Single Rail can be used for Twin, Full, Queen and King sized beds. Double Rails can be used for Twin and Full beds only.

Item # Style Length Height Product Weight Weight Capacity
5075 Single 30″ 20″ 9 lbs. 250 lbs.
5085 Double 30″ 20″ 14 lbs. 250 lbs.

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